Fruit – lesson 2

Yesterday’s class went well despite the cold weather and the children’s pent-up energy.  I always start the class by taking the register and asking them each a few questions like “What is your name?” and “Do you like apples?”. I make this effort because I found out that after weeks of using the same questions each time they really didn’t understand the meaning of the questions.  The children had just memorized the answers.  I suppose this should have been obvious.  Now I mix up the questions and make them think about the answers.  I quickly reviewed the colour of the month by asking them who was wearing purple and we went through the calendar.  We also quickly reviewed a few animals.  I made the noises and gestures and they had to say the names of the animals.

We then reviewed the names of different fruits using the “I like apples” song and the fruit flashcards by Dream English and I asked them to give me the two pictures I had asked them to bring to class.  Four out of the ten children had remembered or made an effort.  Here are some examples of the pictures the children brought into class.


We had a look at the pictures they had brought in and went through the names of the fruit.  On Thursdays I usually give them a colouring and/or worksheet to work on.  They enjoy colouring however, I try to give them something a little bit challenging to complete.


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