Practicum and didactic units

Before the Easter break I also finished my teacher training practicals.  I have to say the whole experience was great and my tutor was a very generous person.  I learned a great deal and was able to use my experiences at the school to help me improve my interaction with my students at “my little English class”.  I am now very busy preparing the didactic units that I am required to do for the bilingual course that I am doing at the university.  I’m getting there even though the learning curve has been steep.


Before the Easter break

Before the Easter break I had fun teaching the children about Spring and the traditions that go along with celebrating Easter.  I brought in various things to show them like real daffodils and easter baskets and they really enjoyed the classes.  During the last class before the break we coloured hardboiled eggs and they loved the activity.  They also made paper egg holders to take home with them.  It was fun!