Before the Easter break

Before the Easter break I had fun teaching the children about Spring and the traditions that go along with celebrating Easter.  I brought in various things to show them like real daffodils and easter baskets and they really enjoyed the classes.  During the last class before the break we coloured hardboiled eggs and they loved the activity.  They also made paper egg holders to take home with them.  It was fun!



Fruit – lesson 4

Today we played a fun game of Fruit Bingo.  Lots of fun!

Fruit – lesson 3

We had a fun class today.  We spent time doing the usual routine of register, questions and calendar and then reviewed fruits using songs and flashcards.  I could see that the children were becoming more confident with naming the different fruits.  We then played a game of matching fruit pictures to pieces of paper with the names written on them.  I placed the name cards on the floor and divided the class into two teams to make things a little more exciting.   One member from each team pulled a picture from a bag and then working together the teams had to match the picture and the corresponding name card.  The first team to match the two won the fruit.  They actually did really well with the activity.  We finished the class by playing a game where they had to say the names of the various pictures and the first one with the correct answer got to hold the card.  They seemed to enjoy both games.



Las asignaturas pendientes de la enseñaza bilingüe en España

Interesting article.


I decided to teach the children about food and today I started with fruit.  To give me ideas about how “Food” is taught in Science in Spanish bilingual projects I had a look at a couple of CLIL didactic units for 1st graders.  I decided that the units were too advanced for my students and started off simple by naming different types of fruit.  During the class I told the children that fruit form a part of the 5 main food groups.

I brought different types of fruit to class and told them their names in English.  We then went around the circle and they had to tell me one of their favorite fruits.  They said the name in Spanish and I told them the name in English.  They went on to repeat “I like …” After this we watched the Dream English fruit song “I like apples” and watched the short video “Lets Practice English: Fruit“.  I read them the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  For “homework” they have to bring to class a picture (cut out or hand drawn) of two different types of fruit.

We finished the class with an exciting game of musical chairs using the “I like apples” song!

9 October 2012

We started the class by saying “Hello class, how are you today?”.  We then listened to the “Hello” and the “How are you?” songs from Dream English. We then reviewed some animals using the iPad App SoundTouch.  I asked them to draw their family and we finished the class by reading a story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Nice class!