Teaching experience

I am required to do teacher training practicals at a local school as part of the course that I am doing at the University of Salamanca.  The course is called “Título propio: Especialista en docencia en programas bilingües en lengua inglesa en educación infantil, primaria y secundaria” or “Specialist in bilingual teaching programs in the English language in infant, primary and secondary eductation”.

Today was a really nice day at the school.  My tutor allowed me to teach his second grade science class about reptiles.  We had fun and it seemed that the children enjoyed the lesson.  We used a fun video from Youtube about reptiles that caused quite a reaction from the students.


9 October 2012

We started the class by saying “Hello class, how are you today?”.  We then listened to the “Hello” and the “How are you?” songs from Dream English. We then reviewed some animals using the iPad App SoundTouch.  I asked them to draw their family and we finished the class by reading a story: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

Nice class!

2 October 2012: Meeting the children

I´m teaching a group of 10 five-year-olds in an after-school class in Salamanca, Spain.  We meet twice a week for 1 hour.  I started at the beginning of October 2012. I´m new to blogging and teaching and want to use this blog to organize my material and thoughts about teaching English to Spanish children.

My first class

I began the class by introducing myself to the children.  We talked about general class rules and I asked them to tell me a little bit about themselves.  We began with “My name is… and I am…”.  I spoke to the children mainly in Spanish.  In order to break the ice, we played a movement game.  I made up a song using commands like “clap, clap, clap you hands, clap, clap, clap your hands”, stamp your feet, turn around, stand up, sit down and so on. They really liked this game. We then did a worksheet about “I am…” where they had to  draw different types of faces: happy, sad, scared, nervous etcetera.

We finished the class by listening to the song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” by Matt at Dream English.

The class in general went well and we were on our way to getting to know each other.